Updated 11/8/2016

Pond Pumps

We recommend that you leave your pump running.

If too much ice accumulates on the waterfall, and your pump is no able to pump water, then it is time to unplug the pump. This rarely happens in Central Texas.

Fish and Temperature

Temperate fish such as koi, goldfish and most native fish will survive Texas winters. However, most tropical fish such as plecos and gourami should be removed from the pond before the water temperature falls below 60°F. Heating a koi pond is not advised because koi need cold winters! Warm water will also encourage parasites and diseases.

Pond deicers or aerators are recommended to promote heathy gas exchange if the pond is coved in ice.

Never break ice in the pond! Koi hate all the noise! If you need to open a hole in an ice-covered pond, hot tap water will melt an opening quickly.

Feeding Fish

Your fish will let you know when they no longer need to feed. When they quit coming up to feed it is time to stop. This will usually happen when the water temperature falls below 55F.

Aquatic Plants

  • Hardy Water Lilies:Stop fertilizing as of October 1st, and start again at the beginning of March. Trim all yellow and brown leaves and just let the plant go dormant.
  • Tropical Water Lilies:Stop fertilizing about mid-September and begin again at the beginning of March. Trim all yellow and brown leaves and place the bare pot in the deepest part of the      pond. Most tropical water lilies will come back in this part of Texas.
  • Lotus:Don’t fertilize from October through February. Trim off all remaining leaves and leave the plant alone until the end of February. Lotus should only be divided/repotted during the months of January and February, if needed.
  • Marginal / Bog Plants:Almost all bog plants are perennials, and will come back year after year. Don’t fertilize from October through February. After the second or third freeze, the plant will become discolored. Cut it back three inches above the crown and submerse it so that top of the pot is six inches below the water level. Some plants like Water Hawthorne and Water Iris thrive in the colder weather, and will add some much-needed greenery during the winter months.


Materials for Winterizing

  • Autumn Prep. Microbe-Lift to process ammonia in the water
  • Barley Bales, Barley Pellets, or Barley Extract to prevent algae build up
  • Algae Fix, Algaway 5.4 or Green Clean to kill any algae
  • Thermometers to monitor water temps for feeding purposes
  • Pond Netting to prevent leaves from accumulating in the pond and deter hungry predators