Pond Cleaning Services

Pond Cleaning Questionnaire: If we’ve never cleaned your pond before, we’ll need to know the following answers before we can quote a price for this service. How big is the pond? Length___  Width___  Depth___ Is there  a waterfall? Stream? How long of a stream? Is there any rock or river gravel covering the liner of the pond? When Read more

Planting Bare Root Trees

Instructions for Bare Root Tree Planting Plant your tree as soon as possible! If you cannot plant your new bare root tree right away we recommend you heal in the roots until planting time. Healing in is simply covering the root system with moist soil or mulch. Before planting: DO NOT soak the roots (“12-24 hours”) – Read more

Pond Installation Basics

Pond Installation Basics   I’ve been helping customers install ponds in their yards for 19 years.  During that time, I have answered the same questions thousands of times.  Here are The Top 5 Pond Installation Questions:   Where should I put my pond? Easy, put it where you will enjoy it the most.  A pond works Read more

Bare Root Fruit Trees 2018

Bare Root Fruit Trees Updated 1/18/2018. Our Pre-Order is no longer available this year. These trees are in stock while supply lasts. Available Winter 2017/2018  Fuji Apple $25 Granny Smith Apple $25 Almost GONE! Simi-Dwarf Mollies Del. $30 New! Almost Gone! Texas Everbearing Fig $30 Almost GONE! Desert Gold Peach $25 La Feliciana Peach $25 Rio Grande $25 New! John Fanicks Peach $25 Read more

New Arrivals 8-24-17

New Arrivals. 8-24-2017 Autumn Sage fall show! Striptease Hosta in bloom! Red Velvet Canna Lily Variegated Boxwood for your miniature / fairy garden or your next bonsai project! New! Riverina Thomas French Lavender in bloom! This photo does no justice. These ‘Royal Purple’ Smoke Trees are A M A Z I N G ! Perfectly grown ‘Thunderhead’ Japanese Black Pines from Monrovia! Five-gallon Variegated Spanish Read more