For customers who are not pond enthusiasts but still enjoy the sound & feel of running water in their landscape, Hill Country Water Gardens boasts an incredible selection of fountains.  We carry

We have features for every taste including formal fountains, modern fountains, eclectic pieces, natural stone pieces and disappearing fountains. Like our ponds, fountains can be found on every nook & cranny of the grounds year round and will most certainly peak your interest.

Generally speaking, we refer to a fountain as a feature with running water and no fish or plants. While some fountains may have plants in them, it is rare. Water runs over the top of the the feature, into a basin and recirculates back to the top and repeats. We have two primary types of fountains: Cast-Stone Fountains or Disappearing Fountains.

Both types of fountains seem to be safe with temperatures as low as 30 degrees.

Cast-Stone Fountains are more of what one would consider a “traditional” fountain. Water cascades over the top of the fountain and collects in an above-ground bowl and is then recirculated through the feature. The selection ranges from discreet one-tier fountains to stunning four-tier statement pieces, from traditional to modern, from fountains evocative of old world Europe to Texas Hill Country eclectic. Our inventory changes on a near weekly basis – you never know what gem you’re going to discover.

Disappearing Fountains are fountains in which water cascades over the top of the feature, disappears into the ground and recirculates through the feature. Disappearing Fountains can be made out of just about any vessel – including pottery and natural stone. Hill Country Water Gardens carries a wide selection of pottery & natural stone including: Travertine, Lueder Stones, Big Bend Stones, and Pottery.