Aquatics plants include tropical water lilies, hardy water lilies, lotus, bog plants including iris, ruby runner, papyrus- both dwarf and standard, horsetail reed, cana lily, taro, parrot feather, Texas Hibiscus, water bacopa etc. Water plants must have their roots submerged in water. Waterlilies prefer to have their roots and part of their stems submerged beneath water.

Typically – bog plants, also commonly referred to as marginal plants, represent those plants found in marshy areas in the transition area moving from land to water. Generally, they’re situated along the perimeter of your pond or if you have a bog filter are planted in the bog. Waterlilies are usually situated away from the edge of your pond, closer to center of pond. Lily pads will grow to cover anywhere from 2′ to 6′ of pond surface area thereby providing shade to fish and providing a barrier between the organic matter on the bottom of your pond and the sun, thereby reducing algae growth. Waterlilies are active from March through warm winter months – sometimes as late of November. They do go dormant in the winter.