Ponds vary greatly in form & function depending on customers’ needs & preferences. They can range from formal to informal, full sun to shade, ponds brimming with lilies and bog plants to koi ponds devoid of foliage, dry stacked naturalistic borders to ponds employing the more formal rock & mortar masonry. The variables are endless, it’s really a matter of personal taste. Below we’ve attempted to showcase the variety of ponds available by sharing some slideshows of ponds we’ve installed for customers over the past few years.

Koi Pond

This particular pond is an above-ground semi formal koi pond showcasing lilies, lotus and bog plants. 

Water Wise Backyard Makeover

Homeowners transitioned from a drought starved St. Augustine grass patch to a low-water design incorporating a Disappearing Stream with Semi-Tropical Xeriscaping.

Xeriscape Landscaping with Natural Stream

Xeriscape landscaping, by definition, is landscaping designed specifically for areas that are susceptible to drought, or for properties where water conservation is practiced. HCWG uses a wide selection of Texas native & adapted plants, trees, and grasses requiring very little water to grow & thrive during our hot dry summers.

Natural Pond with Raised Beds

The design of this pond is characterized by naturalistic forms that imitate nature. In this instance, the dry stacked rock closely resembles a naturally occurring pond edge. All of our ponds are built using rubber liner as seen in this gallery. 


Pond for Fido

This is an excellent example of in-ground informal pond. It’s naturalistic and almost appears to be naturally occurring. This pond was built for the pond owner’s dog, Lucy. You can see Lucy enjoying her backyard oasis in some of our photos. In order to accommodate Lucy, we used a double liner and built a barrier between her area of the pond and the area of the pond where the home owners wanted to enjoy lilies and bog plants.

Shanti Pond built using the principles of Feng Shui

Located at the Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple of Austin, this particular pond “was built in accordance with vaastu, the ancient Indian science of architecture, making the building and grounds in harmony with the universe. Visitors to the temple are encouraged to visit the Shanti Pond. It is considered auspicious to visit the pond before leaving the Temple. The pond is home to 13 large koi and 1 large goldfish. The pond is in the northeast corner of the Temple, which is a vaastu feature, bringing good luck to the Temple and its visitors.”

Pond with Bog Filter

The bog filter provides a perfect background for the pond, showcasing plants while allowing more pond surface area to remain open. It also provides a natural looking transition from land to pond, and enhances the landscaping around the pond. The ultimate pond filter for water purity, clarity, and low maintenance. Unlike man made filters, bogs can completely process organic waste, including solid waste, and even process some inorganic waste, such as minerals.


Water Feature Built into Sloped Yard

Given the terrian of Austin and its surrounding communities, it’s not uncommon for customers to want a water feature built into a steeply graded yard. For HCWG – that is not a problem!

Backyard Pond

This is a great example of a classic mid-size pond that would work in a typical back yard. Note the natural dry-stacked rock and the usage of Texas natives in the surrounding landscape. 

Secret Garden

For some, the pond serves as a backdrop and the real centerpiece is the transcendent atmosphere created by harmonizing water and aquatic plants with the surrounding foliage.

Conversion from Chlorine to Aquatic Pond

It’s not uncommon to convert a swimming pool or chlorinated water body into an aquatic pond as evidenced by Dell Children’s Hospital. We were able to introduce water lilies, a disappearing water feature, and bog filter pots throughout the pond.