At this time, Hill Country Water Gardens & Nursery is not scheduling new projects.

At this time we are not scheduling any new consults, pond cleans or service calls. Most of our crews are “sheltering in place” and at the moment we have very little staff available for any new install work.

If you have a pending install where you have ordered AND paid for materials, please give us a call and we can discuss our limited install options.

If you have recently received a landscape or pond design from us, please give Carlos a call at the nursery and he can go over our install options.

If you were already scheduled for a pond clean or service call starting around April 1st and were notified that your appointment was cancelled, you will be contacted after the “shelter in place” order is lifted.  You will be rescheduled at that time if you still need our services.

At this time we are not keeping a call back list.  We ask all customers looking for a consult, pond clean, or service call to check in with us around mid May (or after the shelter in place order has been lifted).  We will get you scheduled based on availability at that time.