Since 2000, Hill Country Water Gardens & Nursery has grown thousands of aquatic plants in our nursery. We've supplied Central Texas, and the northern hemisphere, with beautiful cultivars from the very beginning. It's what we do and what we love. While we no longer ship our plants, we welcome water garden enthusiasts to visit us anytime! Our gates are open seven days a week!

We'll highlight some of our collection on this page from time to time as our plants are ready for retail. In the meantime, we welcome you to subscribe to our Newsletter for the most up to date availabilities and spotlights.

Aquatic Plants

Current Water Lily Offerings

Updated April 4th, 2023

Colorado Hardy water lily

Hardy Water Lilies:

All Hardies are well rooted in a #2 lily pot. $49.99. Store pick-up only!


August Kock

Charlene Strawn

Colorado (pictured above)


Fuchsia Pom Pom



Joey Tomocik



Mangkala Ubol


Moon Dance

Hardy Lilies continued:

Patio Joe

Peach Glow

Perry's Red

Pink Beauty

Pink Sunrise


Steven Strawn

Sunny Pink

Texas Dawn

Wan Visa

Tropical Water Lilies:

We have more varieties available as the season progresses!

All Tropicals are well rooted in a #2 lily pot. $49.99. Store pick-up only!



Woods Blue Goddess

Lindsey woods

Queen of Siam

Siam Purple 2 ( special pricing $75)


2023 Pre-Paid Pre-Orders

We're taking orders for Longwood Hybrid  Victoria Lilies! Pre-Orders are $99 (reg. $125) for a rooted Vic in a 16" Lotus Pot.  Call us today or stop by the shop to order yours.

Victoria Water Lily Hybrid

Giant Victoria Lilies in our Memorial Pond in Cedar Park, TX!

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