Mechanical Skimmers* - an essential component of a well designed pond or water garden. Skimmers perform several important functions:

  • protect your pump
  • collect large debris
  • isolate your pump away from your fish
  • allow easy access to your pump
  • provide (some) biological filtration

Biological Filters*- or filter-falls. These filters are generally hidden at the top of waterfalls. They provide:

  • filtration/ collection of smaller sizes debris particles such as fish waste
  • extra surface area for beneficial bacteria colonization
  • reduction of maintenance

External Bio-Mechanical Pressure Filters- these filters provide the same functions as filter falls however they are cleaned regularly. Our pressure filters are custom made and will have a one to two week production time.
Bog Filters (construction materials available)- Again, bogs provide the same benefits as Filter Falls but on a larger, customized scale. Stop by our shop and we can get you everything you'll need to build your own.
UV Clarifiers/Sterilizers- While not truly a filter, UV "filters" are able to destroy green-water "pea soup" and kill some dangerous protozoa.

*Highly recommended equipment. All others are great, but not ALWAYS necessary.

Water Garden Filtration