We Can help you build the water garden of your dreams.

We believe in offering time-tested, battle proven, products chosen carefully for specific applications. For two decades, we’ve relied on these products to create and maintain hundreds of water gardens and water features here in Central Texas.

If you’re new to the hobby, or you want to brush-up on your skills , be sure to check out our events page to find seminar dates. During our free seminars, we’ll build these features from the ground up.

Pond & Water Feature Products:

Specialty fittings & Tubing
Pond & Fountain Pumps
EPDM Liners & Underlay
Pond Skimmers & Biological Filters
Water Testing Kits & Services
Pond Plants, Marginals, Bogs & Grasses. Lotus, Water Lilies
Water Conditioners, Algicides, Algae Control, Pond Clay & Medicines.
Koi, Butterfly Koi, Goldfish & More