Some of us like to sleep with our pothos on our nightstand, or sip our morning coffee next to a lush fiddle-leaf fig tree in the kitchen.  We are plant lovers and we like our plants inside with us too. And that's why we offer a great selection here in the nursery. You'll find our tropicals & house plants safely nestled in our greenhouse (behind the herbs & veggies). Here you may find:

Plants for terrariums | Carnivorous Plants | Alocasias | Calathea |Napenthes | Staghorn Ferns | Fiddle-Leaf Figs | Money Trees | Swiss Cheese Plants | Money Plants | Sansevieria | Aglaonema |Bird's Nest Ferns | Hoya | Philodendrons | Pothos | Dracaena | Air Plants | and more!

We do our best to keep our greenhouse stocked but these plants are popular and sell out quickly. Please feel free to call ahead to check on availability!

House Plants