We offer a year-round selection of ornamental fish for outdoor ponds. Adding fish to your water garden brings a new level of life, movement, peace and beauty into our lives.

Koi - Koi breeding began 2000 years ago in China and 200 years ago(1820's) in Japan. These carp from Eastern Asia are still being bred today, all over the world, for their color, patterns and scalation. We typically carry a nice selection 4", 6", 8"-10" and a small number larger sized koi. Koi should be fed daily during the warm seasons and can grow to become large fish - 3 feet long or longer! Koi are expected to live for 50 years or more.

Longfin / Butterfly Koi - these hybrid carp have become popular for their long, graceful fins. Butterflies are generally smaller than koi.

Goldfish- originating from China, Goldfish have been kept and bred for over 2,000 years. While they are classified as carp, like Koi, Goldfish breeds are smaller than 12" in length making them perfect for smaller ponds. We offer comets, fan tails, sarasa, shubunkin and other varieties.

Mosquito Fish- Do you hate mosquitos? Add a few of these tiny fish to your water garden and rest assured, there will be no mosquito breeding in your water garden. These fish feast on mosquito larva!

Ornamental Fish