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Catalog Discount Program

Our CDP was designed to save us time and to save you money!

This program includes cast stone fountains designed by Henri Studio and Campania International.

How does it work?

Browse our showroom (or the online catalogs below) and find the fountain you are interested in purchasing.

Once you've found the fountain you love, we’ll order it in any finish you choose and you'll save 20% on the in-stock price.

-CDP only applies to Henri & Campania cast stone fountains over $400.

-6-12 weeks NORMALLY (labor shortages and high demand have the manufacturers backed up) for your fountain to arrive at our store. We will unpack, inspect the fountain and then notify you.

-Delivery and set-up services are available for an additional fee. Please visit our showroom or contact us for more information.

Payment is due upon order and all sales are final. The CDP discount does not apply to delivery fees or fountains set up in our showroom.

Disapearing Fountains

Disappearing Fountains

These custom fountains are a wonderful addition into any landscape design. Water-wise and eco-friendly, disappearing fountains offer calming sound and movement in the landscape as well as providing water for our smaller garden friends.

Disappearing fountains are comprised of 1.) a feature or multiple features, 2.) a reservoir, 3.) energy efficient Mag-Drive pump, 4.) plumbing assembly and 5.) river rock to cover the reservoir.

We offer a wide variety of feature options including: Ceramic pottery, cast stone urns, hand carved boulders, stacked granite columns, basalt columns, and more.

Visit our showroom for more information and to see our demonstrations.