We are lucky to live in an area of the country where so many varieties of fruit trees can thrive. Sure, we may have to modify our soil, or add soil over the rocks, but the rewards can be super tasty!

We offer container grown fruit trees year round. Our best selection will be found during the fall and winter (planting season for most trees).  We'll still have trees in the spring but once there're sold out we will not see them return to the nursery until the following fall.

Peaches | Pears | Figs | Plums |

Pomegranates | Loquat | Apples |

Jujubes | Pecans | Citrus* |

Avocados | Pineapple Guava | Grapes |

Blackberries | Blueberries* | Strawberries |

and more!

*These varieties may not be recommended for in-ground planting. Please ask us for more information! We want you to be successful!

Adapted Fruit Trees

Current Offerings

Published 2/16/2023

Blueberries:Austin,Brightwell, Climax, Pink Lemonade, Powder Blue, Premier, Tifblue
Blackberry:Arapaho, Natchez (Thornless), Osage, Ouchita (Thornless),Snowbank
Apples: Granny Smith ,Granny Smith (DWF), Mollies Delicious (S/DWF)
Elderberry:Oklahoma, John Ranch, Wyldewood
Figs: Black Jack Black, Mission, Blue Giant, Brown Turkey, Celeste, Corky’s Honey Delight,
Chicago Hardy, Desert King, Ge Neri, Italian Honey, Kadota, LSU Gold, LSU Purple,
Texas Everbearing
Peach: June Gold, La Feliciana, Red Baron Peach, Tex-Star, John Fanick
Pear: Housi, Moonglow, Shinseki, Tennhousi
Plum: Methley,Santa Rosa, Weeping Santa Rosa
Pomegranate:Red Silk, Parfianka, Salavatski, Texas Pink, Wonderful
Pecans: Pawnee
Persimmon: Tamopan,Fuyu,Saijo
Grapes: Champanel,Victoria Red
Mulberry: Dwarf Mulberry
Olives: Arbequina Olive
Almonds: Texas Mission Almond (experimental)
Banana:Ice Cream Banana