We offer container-grown trees in multiple sizes up to 45 gallons*.

Live Oaks, Red Oaks, Chinquapin Oaks, Monterrey Oaks, Bigtooth Maples, Arizona Cypress, Italian Cypress, Japanese Black Pine,

Cedar Elm, Desert Willow, Redbud Cultivars, Crapemyrtles, Bald Cypress species & cultivars, Texas Mountain Laurels, Bay Laurels,

Cherry Laurels, Mesquite, Goldenball Leadtree , Southern Magnolia cultivars, Japanese Maple cultivars, Fruitless Olives and more!

*While we strive to offer top-quality trees year-round, availability may be limited. Please feel free to contact us before you make a long trip out to our Garden Center. And may God bless the tree growers!

Tree Tips for Central Texas:

  • Smaller trees adapt quicker and grow faster than larger trees of the same species.

  • Be sure to protect (cage) young trees if deer are in your area. They may not eat your tree, but bucks will scrape off the young, delicate bark.

  • You may need a tree stake kit if you are planting in an exposed area. Strong windstorms are common here and can easily un-plant a new tree!

  • Never use chemical weed-n-feed products near a tree! And remember, heavy rains can wash these chemicals into the area near your tree(s). It's better not to use chemicals anyway.