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August 2020


Nature’s Creation 1.5 Cu. Ft. $12.99 

Native Recycled Trees and Shrubs, manure and Mycorrhizal Fungi. Use in fall and spring as a top dressing for the lawn, to enrich garden soil, to mulch around trees and shrubs, to loosen clay soils and improve moisture holding capacity of sandy soils.

My Organic Compost DS 1 Cu. Ft. $9.99

Handcrafted, local 100% organic compost. It improves soil structure, porosity and encourages plant growth. Perfect for use in flowerbeds, lawns, raised beds, trees, vegetable gardens and potted plants. It is made from 100% pure native plants, fruits, veggies and composted manure.

Happy Frog Soil Conditioner 3 Cu. Ft. $40

Leaf Mold Compost from The Ground Up - New for 2020!  1 Cu.Ft. $11.99


Seasons Bed Mix 1 Cu. Ft. $4.99

Made from compost and blended with large grain angular sand (not sharp sand). This is the most commonly used soil by landscapers to do bed prep for landscape use plants.

Seasons Rose Mix 1 Cu. Ft. $6.99

Made from compost and blended with large grain angular sand, composted pine bark, traces of green sand and sulfur soil. This blend is one of the best soils made in Texas and is widely used for color, roses, Japanese Maples, Magnolias, etc.

My Veggie & Herb Soil 1 Cu. Ft. $11.99

Handcrafted premium soil. A perfect balanced blend of Compost DS, aged pine bark, coco coir, expanded shale, washed sand, worm castings and mycorrhizae. Perfect use in raised beds, hanging baskets, pots and in-ground planting. (HCWG Staff Favorite!)

Potting Mix

Nature’s Creation 1.5 Cu. Ft. $14.99 

Readily absorbs water, holds moisture without becoming saturated and dries evenly! This blend is weed-free and naturally sterilized Compost with Coco Fiber which resists clumping and adds porosity.  In addition, the blend includes Pecan Mulch, Perlite, Mushroom Compost, Molasses, and a blend of the most effective Vascular Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi.

My Bohemian Pot[ting] 1 Cu. Ft. $14.99

Balanced, super high-quality blend of Compost DS, Coco Coir, Aged Pine Bark, Expanded Shale, Washed Sand, Basalt Sand, Worm Castings and Mycorrhizal Fungi. This is a light, highly organic, well drained yet moisture retentive mix.

Happy Frog 12 Qt. $14.99 (sold out 8/14/2020) / 2 Cu. Ft. $30

For serious container gardening! This is a perfect blend of aged forest products, sphagnum peat moss, perlite, humic acid, earthworm castings, bat guano, oyster shells, dolomite lime and mycorrhizae fungi.

Fertilome Organic Potting Mix (OMRI listed) 1.5 cu.ft. $24.99

Fertilome Seed Starter 8 Qt $6.99

Rabbit Hill Cactus 3 Qt $10.99 / 5 Gallon $18.99


Seasons Hardwood 2 Cu. Ft. $2.99

It’s double ground to 1.5” shred and composted in windrows. Soft on the toes and easy on the eyes. Resists ‘caking’ very well!

Black (Dyed) 2 Cu. Ft. $5.99

Pine Straw 2.3 Cu. Ft. Bail $22.00 (sold out 8/14/2020)



Expanded Shale 40lb. $11.99

Peat Moss 3.8 Cu. Ft. (Compressed) $34.99


Prices subject to change.