Ficus carica ‘Brown Turkey’

– Deciduous tree from western Asia
– Brownish purple fruit;
strawberry-colored sweet pulp
– Bears on old and new growth
in late spring and fall; self-fertile
– Typically unpruned, but may be reduced if too big

This fig variety may be common, but that is because it is very good: grown in full sun, it should set two crops of sweet, delicious figs every summer in Central Texas. Full sized trees can be so productive that you won’t even mind sharing the fruits on top with the birds. Since figs don’t ripen at all after harvest, make sure they’re fully ripe when you pick them! Rumor has it that some growers know it is time to pick figs when their dogs start trying to eat them.

Light: Sun

Height: 15′-25′
Width: 15′-25′

Hardiness Zone: 7