Dive into miniature marvels!
Elevate your home & patio with our exciting new arrivals for small spaces!

Patio pond perfection:

Keep your miniature aquatic world thriving with our new line of Seachem water treatments, biofiltration media, and our smallest aerators yet! We will be adding more essentials to our miniature water garden section In the Pond Pro Shop throughout February. Stay up to date with our new line on Instagram and our newsletter.


In the spirit of miniature water gardening, we have also started to bring in all the necessities for building and maintaining terrariums, vivariums, and paludariums. Get hands-on with Micro- masterpiece tools: gravel vacuums, curved shears, straight & curved forceps for effortless sculpting and maintenance in your aquarium or terrarium builds. Defy standard indoor gardening limitations by experimenting with new concepts, like adding our new living pillow moss to your favorite enclosure! Get the moss while it lasts!


Details for our new Seachem water treatments:


Stability: Ensure happy beginnings for your new tank with smaller bottles of Stability, the ultimate water conditioner for new tank setups.

Pristine: Removes natural organic waste like sludges or other detritus to keep a sparkling ecosystem. Can be used in both fresh and marine water!

Flourish Excel: Allows for optimal growth of a planted aquarium by adding bioavailable carbon.

Pond Prime: Removes chlorine and chloramine while also detoxifying ammonia, nitrite, and nitrates for a quick fix. This is our favorite dechlorinator that we have been recommending for years, just in a new smaller bottle.


Explore a world of wonder in miniature gardening! Shop our latest collection today!

Check out www.glassrootgarden.com for some ideas or info on building smaller ecosystems and how to keep them thriving! Check out for new products coming in over the next few weeks and let us know if there is something in the patio pond/terrarium world you would like to see.

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