Winter Pond Care for Austin and Central Texas.


A: Pond Skimming Net - Keeping falling leaf litter out of the water garden will reduce maintenance, potentially toxic water quality, and algae blooms.

B: Dome Netting - Dome nets are great if you do not love skimming your pond (sometimes on a daily basis) with the above manual skimming net.  Dome nets allow the leaves to collect OUTSIDE of the pond where they can be collected and removed! Dome nets will also exclude predators when secured.

C & F: Decoys to deter our Great Blue Herons! If netting isn't your thing, decoys may work for you! Herons will not hunt next to other herons and they hate alligators!

D: Simple netting without the fancy dome. If you're on a budget or love a wholesome DIY project, we can walk you through a few ideas to create your own "dome" or tent.

E: Atlantic-Oase Grass Diffuser (see below for more details). 

G: Atlantic-Oase Aerator Kit -Aerators perform many important functions in your pond year-round. In winter months they can keep dangerous gasses from building in the water! (see below for more details).  

 H: A simple Floating Thermometer!
We do not feed koi or goldfish when WATER temperatures decrease below 55 degrees. They NEED cold water but they cannot digest food when the water temperature is under 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Thermometers are also important for summer months, especially when water temperatures reach 85 degrees (dangerously hot!!!). This $10 tool can prevent hundreds or thousands of dollars in losses! 



Pond Aerators are great for winter ponds.
Atlantic-Oase aerator: 
  • Aeration systems maintain high oxygen levels in summer and aid in gas diffusion in winter
  • OASE AquaOxy 450 is a safe 12V air compressor with dual valved outlets for versatile, energy-efficient air delivery to dual locations in your pond
  • The All-in-one aeration system includes silicone tubing and 2 weighted, high-volume air stones
  • Stainless steel regulating valves allow for easy air adjustment to air stones
  • Durable, weatherproof UV stabilized housing dampens noise for quiet operation
  • AquaOxy 450 is designed to supplement aeration in OASE filters
Atlantic-Oase Grass Diffuser: 
  • Aeration systems maintain high oxygen levels in summer and aid in gas diffusion in winter
  • OASE OxyTex combines a high-efficiency pond diffuser with a high surface area filter medium
  • Provides a unique combination of gas diffusion, water circulation, and nutrient decomposition
  • The ideal habitat for beneficial bacteria, the OxyTex improves filtration efficiency and contributes to a healthy pond environment
  • Supplements ammonia and nitrite removal capability of the pond bacteria
  • Designed for use with the OASE AquaOxy 450
  • The patented grass-like fiber structure blends perfectly into any pond
  • Replaceable air stone for long service life 

We NEVER recommend heating a pond with koi and/or goldfish! They need cold water! We do, however, need to keep a gas exchange site open when our ponds freeze over if we are keeping fish!

The Laguna 500-watt Power Heat pond heater will keep an area thawed and open in the pond during the cold winter months, allowing the release of toxic gases from fish respiration and decomposing organic matter to escape. At the same time, it allows oxygen to re-enter the pond. Safe for plastic and liner ponds, the pond de-icer will not harm fish or plants. The heater has dual-zone integrated thermostats to help with heat distribution.

  • Dual-zone integrated thermostats
  • Stainless steel housing for even heat distribution and corrosion resistance
  • Maintains a vent hole in the pond for proper gas exchange
  • Safe for plastic and liner ponds
  • LED light glows red when the de-icer is on
  • 22 ft power cord
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