Brandy chose the (huge) Eastwood Pitcher/Vase for her ever-growing collection of watering cans! $60. Being a natural-born woodworker, she is also in love with the hand-carved Teak bowls from Java! $53 to $110.


Nina loves her 'Dakota" hat from Tula! $50. She also has to have a Copper Pumpkin watering can! $100.


Lacy LOVES the Galileo Therometers and our new black-leaved Geogenanthus ciliatus! 6-inch containers $36.


Nathan highly recommends all sharp things! Corona clippers last a lifetime and their easy-to-use sharpener keeps them really sharp with minimal metal loss! Sharp tools make the work easy! Nathan says "no Texas landscape is complete until the Whale's Tongue Agave is planted." 15-Gallons are now available $240.


Paula highly recommends Warmies!!! Microwavable Neck Wrap$26. Microwavable Eye Mask $26. Get back to work, Paula!

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