Consultation Services are intended for projects that do not require a drawn plan / design. Onsite visits will last upto 50 minutes and, if necessary, an itemized quote will be submitted for materials and labor.

We offer several specialized consultations:


Garden Coach - $100.00**
Up to 50 minutes of on-site walk-through. The best way to think of Garden Coach is “we talk - you take notes”. Does not include a sketch or quote.

Pond Coach - $100.00**

Up to 50 minutes of on-site walk-through. Itemized quote including materials and labor if needed. Pond Coach is mostly used for “new to me pond clients”

Outdoor Ornamental Pond

Leak Consult Service - $100.00** 

Up to 50 minutes of on-site leak detection.  Quick repair IF detected and possible. If not possible, explanation of hourly rates or rebuild to be scheduled for a later date. If a rebuild quote is requested, one will be provided including materials and labor.

** Within the Austin area.  If the consult site is over 30 minutes away from HCWG add $25.00.  Over 45 minutes away add $50.00. 

Thank you! Please know that our Service Department operates Monday-Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. Please feel free to call us or stop by the store if you are in immediate need of assistance.