Humates Plus

Microlife Humates Plus 0-0-4

Many people are coming in and asking what fertilizers are best to use right now for their lawns. With the intense heat and less rainfall a lot of our grasses enter a semi-dormancy phase where high amounts of nutrients can do more damage than good.


Fertilizing, especially with high amounts of nitrogen during summer will cause too much stem and leaf growth which will lead to thatch, insect issues, and higher amounts of watering. In general, using any product that is very high in nitrogen or is NOT A SLOW release can lead to issues with grass. Using a slow release, organic product life Microlife is highly recommended.


Microlife has many different products for different plant needs. Microlife Humates Plus is the best fertilizer to use during our summer months. It is a slow release fertilizer that is very low on nutrients (0-0-4) but has a lot of Humic Acid in it. Humic acid is naturally occurring and on top of many other benefits will help build soil porosity.


Being in Central Texas our soils are very poor, using a product like Microlife Humates helps to build up the soil structure. Humates will help with both water retention and drainage, while neutralizing the soil pH. Microlife Humates is the best product to use during these hot summer months to not only help out the health of your soil but to keep watering to a minimum in the future.


Microlife products are a great slow release, organic fertilizer that can be used for everything. They have products for many different plant needs. Please come in to ask a nursery specialist about which one you should be using or simply grab a free pamphlet to read about it.

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