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LIFE (death) HACK: kill them all!


Want to kill mosquitoes without the use of expensive toxic chemicals, “organic” or otherwise? Stop spraying and set a death trap !!!
Follow these easy steps to become a murderer of millions (possibly billions!) :

Mosquito death trap (seen here with Azolla/ Fairy Moss. The moss is not necessary but the trap is serving a second function here; raising food for my fish!)

1. Set out a (dark-colored) bowl or pail and fill it with water. Easy!
Placing the trap in a shady location, or under a large shrub, will help keep the water cool (for the bacteria), and reduce the evaporation rate, and this brings the trap closer to the target… mosquitoes enjoy hanging out in the shade as much as we do.

2. Add a handful of hay, grass clipping, leaves, or compost to make the water nice and gross! Not so hard!

3. Add Mosquito Dunks every 3-4 weeks. Done!
This is the tricky part. Set a reminder on your calendar. If you’re like me, I’ll forget otherwise. Store the remaining Dunks in the laundry room where it’s cool, dry, and has ventilation.
If you forget, simply clean out the container and go back to step one. Don’t feel bad. We’re a busy people.
3.1 Place a rock or stick in the death-bowl to allow toads and other creatures a way out of the trap.

3.2 The Mosquito Dunks or Bits are a must-have if you own or maintain a fountain that is turned on and off daily or for extended periods of time. If fountains remain running 24/7, mosquito control is usually not needed – they dislike turbulent, well-oxygenated water.


How does this work?

It’s a trap! The female mosquitoes will think she has found an awesome place to lay her fertilized eggs but she does not know that a bacteria is waiting to destroy her babies! Nature is brutal! Hopefully, she lays the eggs in your trap instead of your neighbors’ old tires. The next generation of adult mosquitos never emerged to suck your blood!

Will this harm my pets or my children?
NO! This particular subspecies of Bt only attacks mosquito larvae and will not harm any other animal! It’s a specialized killer! My dogs try to drink from my trap all the time!

Will this harm the beneficial insects in my garden like bees, butterflies, ladybugs, and earthworms?

NO! Again, this bacteria goes after mosquito larvae and has no interest in other species.

What is the out-of-pocket cost???
Money for the container, but you probably already have something that will work. Plus the cost of the Bt: $10. The package pictured below will last 8 months when used with a small wash pail or serving bowl (pictured below) – 1/4 dunk per month.

Does this work?
Yup. But your pest control company and toxic chemical suppliers don’t want you to know!
Share this post with your neighbors and multiply the death-power!!!

Written by Staff Horticulturalist and Mosquito KILLER
Nathan Unclebach


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