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This new media has been tried and tested by some of our staff and the results were pretty awesome. Made from 100% Fuller's earth and inoculated with beneficial bacteria to help with pond water clarity and quality. The media helps not only with beneficial bacteria, but its huge surface area also promotes oxygen exchange in the roots. This material has a neutral pH, and will not break down or cause algae blooms. 100% safe for all fish and aquatic life.

Horticulturist Calvin King holding a plant grown in a new media for ponds and water gardens.

We’ve been playing with this media since February and to quote Calvin “It’s literally sent down from the Bog Gods themselves to better our lives” (citation needed). So far each plant has shown amazing results. We have seen a significant increase in blooms, vibrant green foliage, and amazingly fast root growth when combined with our mesh pots!

Calvin King, Horticulturist with new substrate as a test.

Check out the roots and impressive growth on our Cuphea! These roots will help filter the water-garden water, completing the nitrogen cycle, removing excess phosphorus from overfeeding, and with some plants like Canna Lilies, these roots will remove heavy metals!

This new media is in stock now and we invite you to give it a try!

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