Beat the Summer Heat

Our Gardens and Landscapes can take an absolute beating in the summer heat. Below you'll find two of the best weapons we recommend to fight this battle!  And really, if you're fighting smart, it can be more like a cakewalk!

Mulch Matters!

In Central Texas mulching in the garden & landscape is a fact of life. If you're using inferior mulches and or inadequate amounts, you'll see less-than-ideal results! Mulches help keep plant roots cool, retain soil moisture, suppress weed germination, protects the soil from eroding, and will break down over time to help build a healthy A-Horizon in your soil profile!

old hard mulch

By this time of year, wood/hardwood mulches may need replenishing and or "fluffing!"  Natural organic compounds in some mulches can act as glue! Hard, water-phobic sheets can develop that actually repel irrigation and rainwater! A simple, quick, and light tilling with a hoe, rake, hands, or other implements will break up this "shell" and allow water to penetrate the material. If you notice your mulch layer is now less than 3 inches deep, it's time to add a little more to combat our summer climate and keep those roots cool!

Two of our favorite mulches are Pine Straw and Cedar Mulch. We love the Pine Straw in our Vegetable Gardens and Cedar in the Landscape. Of course, both will work in either application.  Our Seasons Hardwood Mulch is highly recommended if you like the darker chocolate-brown look!

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At these temperatures, we need to be careful, and gentle in our fertilizer selection. Enter MicroLife Humates Plus! More like a concentrated compost, this well-formulated food is perfect for summer application!  With Potassium, Sulfer, Iron, Yucca (a natural soil-wetting agent), and more! Humates Plus is designed to strengthen plants, trees, and lawns at the cellular level and will NOT encourage unsustainable growth. Other "plant foods" on the market can be absolutely dangerous to apply at 100 degrees! They can create way too much water-demanding growth.
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