Summer temperatures can be dangerous for our Koi and Goldfish friends. The following suggestions were put together to help them out as temperatures in Central Texas are reaching the triple digits.

  1. Keep a floating thermometer handy. As the water temps increase the oxygen holding capacity decreases! Ideally, we want the water temperature to stay below 80°F. If you find your water is over 80°, it’s time to add more shade with water lilies or an umbrella.
  2. Keep your pump(s) running 24/7!!! Your pump is moving the water, disturbing the surface which allows oxygen to move into the water!
  3. Have a backup pump handy if your main pump(s) fails! Summer is the WORST time a pond pump can fail. By being a little prepared you’ll be able to avoid disaster. A backup pump doesn’t have to be as large as the main pump; it’s only going to be used for a short time while the main pump is being repaired or replaced.
  4. Double up your dechlorinator to be safe! We never know what’s being pumped through the city lines at any given time. Doubling the recommended dose is recommended by the manufacturer during the heat of the summer.
  5. Test your water! We want to make sure the ammonia, nitrites, and phosphates are not creeping up on us. These chemicals, products of the fish waste or overfeeding, can be deadly. Then add lower oxygen levels, and you have a recipe for disaster! HCWG provides free water testing!
  6. Use extreme caution when treating your pond for algae! Follow the directions closely or discontinue use when water temperatures approach 90 degrees!!! Overdosing algaecides can deplete oxygen levels in the water.
  7. Use a hose timer! Digital or mechanical, these devices can save the day. As the evaporation rates increase we are all adding a little bit more water this time of year. Being the busy people we are, a hose timer will shut off the water for us when we forget! Don’t forget to double up on the dechlorinator!

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